Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chizakaya (Japanese Pub)

I always look forward to the yearly Restaurant Week in Chicago!

It was Chicago Restaurant Week 2011 (some restaurants have extended their pre-fixed menus) so my friends and I decided to try out a new place. After looking through the extensive options, we decided to try Chizakaya, a Japanese Pub.  Here are a few pictures from our dining experience:

Chizakaya's Restaurant Week Menu

Cocktail menu

Puffed Pig Ears
(Yes, this appetizer is made from thinly sliced, deep fried pig ears). Surprisingly, I enjoyed these crunchy, salty pig ears :)

Black Edamame
I only wanted to try these because of the name. You can imagine my disappointment when they weren't really black. HA! I later learned that they're called "black edamame" because the soybeans have been matured on the stalk, eliciting a sweeter flavor.

Poor Cousin
Tariquet armagnac, lemon, ginger syrup, & sparkling wine. Light, clean, sweet flavor. It reminded me of a lemon drop.

Sweet Potato Fries with spicy mayo

Trio of Skewers (From left to right:)
Sweet sausage, Duck confit, & Shishito pepper
The sausage was my favorite - it was definitely drool-worthy with some lime juice.
The duck confit was just alright - nothing to write home about. It seemed overly breaded and bland.
The shishito pepper was the only thing that I didn't finish. Enough said.

Kakuni Pork Belly with Egg
Doesn't the plating remind you of a Japanese Garden? 
It was a bit too salty, but I can see how it'd be a great dish to eat while drinking some beer.

Honey Toast
Honey toast, tres leches ice crean, Sailor Jerry rum honey

Warm Brownie, bay leaf ice cream, caramel, pretzel

Taro Rice pudding with coconut

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